Ten Of The Best Cycling Apps

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There is an app for just about everything these days and cycling is no exception. The humble bicycle has got increasingly high-tech – you can now monitor your fitness levels, plan your route, repair your bike and much more, using just your phone (and a variety of apps).

Whether you’re a serious athlete, a bicycle commuter or just someone who likes to get some fresh air on two wheels every now and then, there is an app to suit your cycling needs.

1.       Strava

Strava is one of the most popular cycling apps around and it’s not hard to see why. The app allows you to analyse each ride in detail by logging your location, speed and elevation. Strava can then transform this data into weekly and monthly graphs monitoring your progress.

However, it’s much more than just an app that spurts out statistics each week.  The main selling point of Strava is the competitive and/or social side (depending on how you look at it). The app has divided the globe into bite-sized chunks, which become timed sections you can compete on. Every time you cycle through one of these sections, Strava logs your time and you can see where you rank in the league tables. This allows you to compete with friends, or just other cyclists in your area.

2.       Size My Bike

It can be tricky to make sure you’re buying the right size bike for your body shape. This simple app solves this problem by taking 6 body measurements, which are used to calculate the exact size bike which would be the perfect fit for you.

Not only will this give you a more comfortable riding experience, but it improves your performance and helps to prevent injury.

3.       Garmin Fit

This popular training app is perfect for running or cycling – so great news if you love both! Using wireless fitness sensors, the app monitors your performance, whilst also tracking your location through your phone’s GPS.

Plus, it has a built-in music feature – great for keeping you motivated during a long ride.

4.       Bike Doctor

There is nothing more irritating that getting midway through a ride and discovering an ominous creaking, squeaking or hissing, which means you have a problem. This is where Bike Doctor comes in handy: downloading this app is like having a portable bike mechanic.

Currently, at just over 15,000 downloads, this increasingly popular app offers step-by-step repair guides to common problems. Whether you have a road, mountain, or hybrid bike, this app will have an answer to your problem.

5.       Bike Hub

This app is great if you’re looking for inspiration. It’s full of route ideas and it’s also perfect for exploring new areas, as all the routes are marked with popular tourist destinations, as well as bike shops, just in case something goes wrong.

This is an app suitable for any cyclist – there are routes for all abilities and the easy-to-use design encourages you to explore on two wheels.

6.       Fill That Hole

Pot holes are more than just an annoyance for cyclists – they can be very dangerous. This app helps you to combat this problem by reporting any potholes that you see on the roads.

Simply fill in the detail as of the pothole, take a photo and then the app submits this information to the appropriate authorities. You’ll help to improve the roads, one pothole at a time.

7.       Map My Ride

This app is perfect for planning a cycling adventure. You can choose from over 120 million routes across the world, or customise the routes to create your own. Once you’ve planed your route, you can share this with friends if you want to recommend a particularly good ride, or plan a journey together.

There are lots of other handy features like a Nutrition Tracking Calculator – just what you need to make sure you are getting the right nutrition for your ride.

8.       Bike Brain

If you’ve got bikes on the brain, then this might be for you. This app is packed with features including GPS mapping, in-app picture uploads and training mode features. Plus, the app archives all of our routes, so that you can keep track of your adventures.

Also, the app optimises your phone battery life to ensure your phone doesn’t die midway through a journey.

9.       Coach My Ride

Designed with the help of cycle coach Lionel Reynaud who says ‘The Philosophy of CoachMyRide is to help time-crunched riders to improve their performance and to help beginners to enjoy their rides.’

The app gives you structured training and more than 99 workouts with something for all abilities.

10.   Live Rider

LiveRider is one of the most high-tech cycling apps available at the moment. In reality, it’s more like a piece of kit than an app. This ‘bike computer’ app comes with components to attach to your bike’s back wheel which allows you accurately monitor your progress.

As you ride, the device collects data which is synced with your phone. As the app allows you analyse your performance in minute detail, it’s perfect for a hard-core cycling enthusiast.

 Whether you want to get fit on two wheels, set unbeatable times, fix your bike or just explore the world, there is an app to help you do it. Have I missed any of your favourite apps? Or have you tried any of these apps yourself? Share your thoughts below. 

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Gavin Harvey is a fitness instructor and cycling enthusiast. He loves to try out new gadgets and as a result, his phone is full-to-bursting with fitness apps.

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