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Bike Trail

Even in the middle of one of America’s most bustling metropolitan areas you can still find ways to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors without traveling too far. The Dallas-Fort Worth(DFW) area is home to many trails for biking; you just need to know where to find them. Whether you’ve been biking for years or you are thinking about purchasing your first bike, you will be able to find something that you can enjoy. Here are some of our favorites:

L.B. Houston Nature Trail

This trail can be found in Irving. It is only five miles long so if you are just starting out as a biker, this is a great place to see how you do on a trail. It also doesn’t have any big rises or drops which is another thing that makes it perfect for the beginner and gives a great view of the Trinity River.  

Trinity River

Riding the Trinity River this way offers something a little bit different than your ordinary bike trail. Perfect for those who prefer to ride in a group, you can take your bike and ride the Trinity Railway Express westbound train to Fort Worth. You’ll join members of the Greater Dallas Bicyclists. There is more than 20 miles of trail next to the River, the group has lunch and then comes back on the 2 p.m. train. The only cost is your $10 day train pass. Discounts are offered for people 65 and older and students.

Arbor Hills Nature Center

Located in Plano, this is by far one of the best bike trails for the Dallas biking enthusiast. It is a 200-acre park and has a variety of trails for hikers and walkers and paved paths for bike riders and strollers. In addition to a variety of paths, this park also showcases some of the area’s best natural sites including a lot of trees that you don’t get to see too often in the heart of the city.

White Rock Creek Trail/White Rock Lake.

This area is one of the most popular bike riding areas. Riding along the lake will give you access to local wildlife including great blue herons, ducks, pelicans and turtles. There are different paths you can take to ride different lengths. One trail measures 7.5 miles one-way and if you add the loop around the lake, you can add an additional 10 miles to your ride.

Rowlett Creek Preserve

This area is great for mountain biking enthusiasts. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, if you prefer mountain biking, head to this area. Trails are mapped out to easily determine the difficulty of each trail. In addition to a variety of trails, this is another great area to take in some wildlife scenery.

 Windhaven Hill, The Colony

If you are a biker who is looking to get some interval training, you’ll want to check out this area. This is the home to the steepest hills in Dallas. You will be in the company of the area’s more advanced bikers and there is a nine-mile look that provides an excellent workout with a big push at the end on the area’s steepest hill. 

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